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Thinking of booking us? Here's some useful information that might help you decide if we're the band for you!!

Types of event

Guggenmusik is unusual in this country but our musical style seems to generate enormous enthusiasm & thoroughly entertain audiences who attend a whole range of music festivals including folk, blues, big band, swing etc.

Gugge 2000 are the ideal band for a street entertainment event but we are not a marching band in the conventional sense! We can amble slowly and provide good visual entertainment but in a parade that is more than a couple of hundred metres we may hold up proceedings & frustrate those in the parade behind us & organisers who have schedules to keep. However, we provide ideal pre & post parade entertainment when located at the key audience spots en route. If you want us in your parade please talk to us.

We love busking! Anywhere where people gather and can choose to stop & listen or carry on their way we feel happy & audiences seem to capture our happiness!! Gugge 2000 seem to provide the best result where we can get close up to our audience.

We are loud & only suitable for an inside event if your venue is large & has good acoustics.


We are based in Bournemouth & are happy to travel to your event. If we have to travel over 25 miles each way we would ask you to pay for our transport. Events over 150 miles would also require an overnight stop & this would be added to our fee.


Gig fees depend on the day, time of day & amount of performances involved.

Our standard fee starts from as little as 500 & includes 3 x 20 minute performances within a 3 hour time slot or 2 x 30 minute performances to suit.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our gig chap Dave.



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