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Our Links Page

http://www.justcommunicate.co.uk/       Conference Production Agency

http://www.twitter.com/gugge2000       gugge 2000 account on twitter go and tweet !

http://www.facebook.com/gugge2000       Gugge 2000 on Facebook - Official Page

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDU9691Q-Uw&feature=related       Late in the Evening Drummer master class by Steve Gadd

http://www.bflatmusic.com/sevencs.html       Sail the Seven C's - for endurance and range on the trumpet

http://www.colindocketty.co.uk/thoughts.html       Some notes for trumpet students and ex-trumpet players returning to currency

http://www.tetburywoolsack.co.uk       Tetbury Woolsack Races

http://www.gugge2000.co.uk       The First Guggenmusik Band in the UK - Gugge 2000

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzJaLmdMYEY       Trailer for Gugge 2000 on the Discovery Channel

Links to 'bands', 'What's on', 'Member links' & 'Thanks to

We are grateful to have been hosted during our trips abroad by the following bands & organisations:- 

http://www.chottlebotzer.ch                      Lucerne 2002 & 2004  

http://www.geile-gugge.de  Belgern 2004

http://www.guggamusik-bregenz.at/   Bregenz 2005  

http://www.bruggaklopfer.de                Stuttgart 2006

http://www.juntafestes.com                  Castellon 2007

We are pleased to link our site to the following other Guggenmusik bands:

  Links are listed in alphabetical order

www.aemmeruugger.ch      www.autstadtfloeh.ch


www.balingo-guggis.de      www.bigfriendsguggenmusik.com

www.blattluus.ch      SPECIAL FRIENDS

www.bodasurri.at             www.bruggaklopfer.de

www.caballeros.ch            www.chottlebotzer.ch

www.chaosguggen.de     SPECIAL FRIENDS

www.diefidelen.de            www.doebeli-roehrer.de

www.doemarwa.nl             www.draufgaenger-guggis.de

www.eppler-samba-hase.com                   www.fako.ch

www.fgav.de                    www.fleggazoddler.de


www.fracasoi.ch               www.gasseduefel.ch

www.geile-gugge.de      SPECIAL FRIENDS

www.gruehue.ch                www.gugge-meerane.de

www.guggemusik-halligalli.de                   www.guggen-kamikaze.ch

www.guggenmusik.ch         www.gugge-wsf.ch


www.guugekwaetscher.ch   www.happyhours.ch

www.hbfaeger.ch              www.hosakrachar.com
www.kinziggeister.de        www.lesbourdons.ch
www.midshipmen.org.uk      www.lesgnomes.ch
www.MuehlbachBazis.de    www.ortsduedl.de
www.plunderhueuesler.li    www.quaker.ch
www.pip-pop.ch    www.quaker.ch

               www.querkoepf.de SPECIAL FRIENDS            

www.raebeschlaecker.ch    www.reussgusler.ch/
www.ratz-fatz-gugga.de    www.rhypfluderi.ch
www.roli-guggers.de          www.rootz-tilburg.nl
www.salpeterer.com                                 www.savoiseries.com
www.schnudernase.ch          www.schuegu.ch
www.se-barzlis.ch              www.spoeitzer.ch 
www.soerchle-gugge.ch        www.straeggelebraetscher.ch
www.sumpfhuener.ch           www.tschaederer.ch
www.turtalia.ch                  www.wasguggsdu.ch
www.wcl.chnbsp;   www.xbears.de

Other links:-

What's on in our home county:

www.dorsetforyou.com  www.bournemouth.co.uk      www.pooletourism.com  www.worldheritagecoast.net/events.    www.gdsf.co.uk                  www.bournemouthlive.info           www.ringwoodcarnival.org               www.warehamcarnival.org.uk

Gugge 2000 member's web site links:

www.fasteronline.co.uk                www.motabitz.com

Other great sites:-

www.todotipo.co.uk                  www.london-marathon.co.uk

www.streetwise.org.uk                  www.entsweb.co.uk

www.glb-twinning.ch                     www.marlboroughwilts.co.uk

Special thanks to:-





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