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We have over 45 active members who range in age from less than 16 years old to over 60 years young. We are a very family orientated band with various couples as well as parents and children involved.

Our members are drawn from all walks of life & include a plumber, a printer, nurses, taxi driver, bus driver, shop keeper, sales representative, an artist & of course some who call themselves retired!! We enjoy our music-making so much that some members travel over 30 miles to be a part of Gugge 2000!!

We all share one passion our love of Guggenmusik!!

So here we are, in pictures taken from our latest CD "Insanity"

Percussion - Bashers

Bass Drum - Bashers

Chloe Tuttiett Harriet Ridgway Karen Johnston

Blocks - Bashers

Angie Gale Sheila Marshall

Cymbals & Tambourine - Bashers

Andy Gallagher Sandra May

Glockenspiel - Bashers

Ben Scott

Kit Drums - Bashers

Chris Godwin Jo Maguire Martyn Christopher Mike Gallagher Shane Austin

Trumpet - Noisy but nice

Noisy but nice

Alison Ashmore Chris Dawe Harry Bassett Hayley Ridgway Kerry Pierce
Norman Tattum Rob Jamieson Sophie Howes

Trombone - Loud and Raucous

Bass Trombone - Loud and Raucous

Steve Hudson

Loud and Raucous

Brian Cottell Kathy Brown

Euphonium - Smooth as Silk

Smooth as Silk

Andrew Tuttiett Barry Stevens Emma Kinsella

Sousaphone - ...with a big bottom end

...with a big bottom end

David May Mark Gale Martin Green Russ Wyatt

Support - We couldnt do without em

Collector - We couldnt do without em

Tina Tuttiett

We couldnt do without em

Bea Skinner Sue Grace

GUGGE 2000 - The First Guggenmusik Band in the UK | New Forest Accommodation