Gugge 2000 was formed in November 1998, by Dave Brewer & other former members of bands from the Bournemouth area.

They were keen to create a type of performing band never before seen in the UK. They wanted to make people listen, tap their feet, dance, join in and create an atmosphere of music and fun for all to enjoy.

Inspired by the Guggenmusik bands they had seen on a trip to Fasnacht carnival in Lucerne and the subsequent visit of Swiss band ‘Qua Quager’, from Triengen, to Bournemouth the group decided that it was Guggenmusik that they would unleash on unsuspecting British audiences!

So, in the midst of an English winter (rain & more rain) Gugge 2000 began to meet on Friday nights, about eight to ten of them at first. The group grew bigger as the word spread, and soon they had to move to larger premises to rehearse (and somewhere where there were no neighbours!!).

Where we're playing

Date Performance
Sat 11 Jun 2022, 1:45pm-6:30pm Wimborne Folk Festival
Sun 17 Jul 2022, 12pm-7pm Swiss National Day Of Celebration
Sun 24 Jul 2022, 12pm-3pm Wareham Carnival
Sun 31 Jul 2022, 2pm-4pm BH Live Event - Bournemouth Square/Pier
Sat 13 Aug 2022 Worcester Festival

Gugge 2000 are back stronger than ever!

Well after a very long lockdown during 2020 & 2021 we at last managed to get out and play in public just before Xmas 2021!
Of course during lockdown we managed a great Zoom performance and also a few members participated in a couple of international Gugge Zoom

Our Xmas gig in Bournemouth Gardens was our first for almost 2 years!

As you can imagine the band was bursting with enthusiasm and boy it showed too!!
We had a huge crowd who just loved us (we think!), even a Policeman who was caught on film recording us (hopefully not for evidence!)
Of course no one is sure what the new year will bring but let’s just hope we can get back to normal soon and make up for lost time.
We just want to get back out around the country (maybe even overseas again) and entertain.

We have been busy behind the scenes though! We have a new Tambour (conductor!), acquired 9 new members with hopefully more on the way and the
mask design team are hard at it to launch the final part of our new look.

We have launched our ‘Sponsor a Member’  fund raiser which we hope you will support so please check out the page!

New T-shirts and lots of merchandise are also being designed too.
Oh and during lockdown we had 4 brand new drum kit trolleys designed and manufactured as are old ones had been beaten to death!!

Lots of potential gigs in the diary for this year so keep watching for details of these as soon as they are confirmed with the organisers and we also hope to take the band to the Lucerne Fasnacht in 2024!

In these difficult times Gugge 2000 hope to bring a bit of fun to your day with our entertaining perfomances!

Don’t forget we are always looking for players too! Don’t be shy, just come along to a rehearsal and see if you like it! Just get in touch.