About Us

In 2019 we celebrated our 21st anniversary

How times change – 17 people attended our first rehearsal and now we have over 30 regular members.

We are Bournemouth based and have a mission to spread the Guggenmusik word across the UK.

July 2008 saw a special celebration year with Britain’s first Guggenmusik festival, ‘Big F’, hosted by Gugge 2000 plus new gigs at Worcester’s music festival and Tetbury’s Woolsack Races.

Trips abroad have become regular features of our calendar with visits to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France & Spain (plus Scotland & Wales!!)
Our band members come from all walks of life. We have students, professionals, business owners, an artist, a plumber, roofer, taxi driver, counsellor, carpenter (and a few who don’t do anything at all!!!).

New members are always welcomed into our friendly group of musicians (and percussion!!), and rehearsals are a normally a relaxed affair often interrupted with spontaneous, occasionally inappropriate humour!

We try to have a couple of band social events each year which are always well attended and fun.

We encourage member’s families to engage with us, especially at gigs which can make for a great family day out (if the weather is good!!).

If you don’t play an instrument, then why not become a supporter? Our supporters provide an invaluable contribution selling our merchandise and encouraging our audiences to part with their money to help fund the band.

Of course, all organisations require teamwork to be successful, so we also need some willing volunteers each year to undertake some of the band’s administrative aspects.

If you would like to join us, then please complete the enquiry form and get in touch!

Of course, after practice the group required essential refreshment at the local hostelry where the discussions and ideas continued to grow. This still continues today!

These are some of our milestones and highlights over the years
December 1998 First live performance in Bournemouth (we were asked to stop playing as local residents complained we had woken their children!).
April 1999 Our first performance at the then named Flora London Marathon (now Virgin).
April 2000 The Band participated in its first overseas event, the Cherbourg Carnival in France.
July 2000 We were invited to perform at the Bournemouth International Music Makers Festival.
September 2000 Launch of www.gugge2000.co.uk
June 2001 Invited to lead the procession & play at the famous Wimborne Folk Festival.
February 2002 Invited as the 2nd only ever English band to participate in Lucerne Fasnacht.
June 2002 Hosted a visit by ‘Chottlebotzer’ Lozarn, the fourth Swiss Guggenmusik band to visit Bournemouth.
July 2002 Our first ever CD is produced.
August 2002 Another first. This time playing at the Internationally acclaimed Great Dorset Steam Fair.
December 2003 Guggenmusik & Christmas combine as we play Christmas tunes in Wareham.
February 2004 Our second visit to Lucerne to participate in Fasnacht.
June 2004 Our 2nd CD ‘I’m a Gugge Believer’
July 2005 Our tours of Europe continue with a fourth country – Austria. A trip to the seaside resort of Bregenz for their first ever Guggenmusik Festival as guests of Stadtle Fetza.
Sales of our 2nd CD ‘I’m a Gugge Believer’ top 500!
July 2006 The first ever Guggenmusik Festival is held in the UK (The ‘BIG F’) featuring bands from Germany (Geile Gugge & Chaos Guggen), Switzerland (Blattluus)  & Gugge 2000.
September 2006 We visit Neuhausen near Stuttgart, Germany as guests of Bruggaklopfer for their Guggenmusik festival & we become an internet sensation on You Tube!
March 2007 We are invited to attend an International Music festival in Castellon near Valencia, Spain.
12 other bands from around the world attend the 19th annual festival.
June 2007 Our 3rd CD ‘Walk of Life’ goes on sale featuring 12 new numbers plus a hidden track.
It’s our most professionally produced CD so far.
September 2007 We travel to Wales to play as the cabaret entertainment for a huge corporate sales and marketing event in front of over 600 guests. There and back in an evening it was our furthest distance travelled for a 30-minute gig!
November 2007 Sales of our CD ‘Walk of Life’ top 500 only 6 months after its release!
December 2007 New gigs in the form of German Christmas markets see us play in Kingston Upon Thames, Exeter and Bournemouth.
January 2008 We enter our 10th year!
April 2008 We are invited to another Spanish Festival this time in Figueres on the Costa Brava.
April 2008 We are invited to another Spanish Festival this time in Figueres and Roses on the Costa Brava.
July 2008 “BIG F 08” – Our second international Guggemusik Festival takes place with guests from Germany (Chaos Guggen), Switzerland (Chottlebotzer & Ruemliggeischter) plus Frumptarn from Barnsley and ourselves of course!
September 2008 Off to Germany again to help celebrate our friends Chaos Guggen’s fifth anniversary in Esslingen/Stuttgart.
February 2009 We are invited to attend the Luzern Carnival hosted by our friends Blattluus.
November 2009 We attend Frumptarn’s UK Gugge festival in Barnsley.
June 2010  Our 4 th CD, Insanity is released.
August 2010 West country tour! (Wells, Bristol, Devizes).
February 2011 Massed bands at Canford School, Wimborne, Dorset.
August 2011 A very wet Edinburgh Fringe!
June 2012 Our 5 th CD, Another Helping Of….
July 2012 Olympic event, Weymouth.
September 2012 Wessex Military Band 30th anniversary Salisbury & Bridport.
September 2012 Back to Germany, this time Belgern.
May 2013  Germany love us! This time guests of Bad Rappenau plus Heidelberg and Speyer.
August 2013 Sidmouth Folk Week.
July 2014 First Visit to Thornbury Carnival.
February 2015 We just love Germany! Masked ball, Neuwied.
July 2015 BIG ‘F’ UK Gugge Festival.
June 2016 Blandford Beer Festival (we liked this one very much!).
July 2016 Yeovil County Show
April 2017 We were actually hired to play at a wedding in Bath. Yes really!! A true Gugge fan.
November 2017 Austria (Hohenems) for a Gugge festival.
November 2018 Sadly our Bandmaster ‘retired’ after 20 years (probably almost deaf!)
January 2019 Gugge 2000 is ‘reborn’! A new administration and new Bandmaster (we call it “Tambour”).
May 2019 Ringwood Fanfare for Spring
May 2019 We have a new website too! (this is it of course)
June 2019 Wimborne Folk Festival
June 2019 Blandford Beer festival (yes once again! Someone has to do it eh?)
July 2019 A new home at The Bourne Academy!
August 2019 Worcester Festival
August 2019 Bournemouth Live Festival
September 2019 Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival
November 2019 Bournemouth Live & Halloween (Check out the photos!)
November 2019 Gugge 2000 celebrates 21 years
December 2019 Wimborne Xmas Parade
January 2020 Gugge 2000 New Costume Launch (Checkout the photos!)
March 2020 – Sept 2021 – Lots of Covid-19 lockdown Zoom quizzes!!
23 July 2021 – Post Covid return to practice
December 2021 – Our first post-Covid performance in Bournemouth Gardens
July 2022 – Swiss National Day, London, Wimborne Folk Festival, Wareham Carnival & BH Live
August 2022 – Wimborne Beer Festival (we like beer festivals!)
August 2022 – Worcester Music Festival

……many more to follow, check out our website for the latest gigs! Come and say hello!

We have been proud to be invited to the London Marathon, Worcester Festival and Wimborne Folk Festival year after year!