About Us

Gugge2000 is a street entertainment band based in Bournemouth.

Founded in 1998 to recreate the lively ‘guggen’ style of carnival music, made famous in the streets of Lucerne, Switzerland.

We play at events all over the U.K. and Europe. Bringing an upbeat performance with our mixture of brass and percussion.

If you would like to join us, then please complete the enquiry form and get in touch!

These are some of our milestones and highlights over the years
December 1998 First live performance in Bournemouth
April 2000 The Band participated in its first overseas event, the Cherbourg Carnival in France.
June 2001 Invited to lead the procession & play at the famous Wimborne Folk Festival.
February 2002 Our first fasnacht in Lucerne.
February 2004 Our second visit to Lucerne to participate in Fasnacht.
July 2005 Bregenz, Austria.
July 2006 The first ever Guggenmusik Festival is held in the UK (The ‘BIG F’) featuring bands from Germany (Geile Gugge & Chaos Guggen), Switzerland (Blattluus)  & Gugge 2000.
September 2006 We visit Neuhausen near Stuttgart, Germany as guests of Bruggaklopfer for their Guggenmusik festival.
March 2007 We are invited to attend an International Music festival in Castellon, Spain. 12 other bands from around the world attend the 19th annual festival.
April 2008 We are invited to another Spanish Festival this time in Figueres, Spain.
July 2008 “BIG F 08” – Our second international Guggemusik Festival takes place with guests from Germany (Chaos Guggen), Switzerland (Chottlebotzer & Ruemliggeischter) plus Frumptarn from Barnsley and ourselves of course!
September 2008 Off to Germany again to help celebrate our friends Chaos Guggen’s fifth anniversary in Stuttgart, Germany.
February 2009 We are invited to attend the Luzern Carnival hosted by our friends Blattluus.
November 2009 We attend Frumptarn’s UK Gugge festival in Barnsley.
July 2012 Olympic event, Weymouth.
May 2013  Guests of Bad Rappenau plus Heidelberg and Speyer in Germany.
February 2015  Masked ball in Neuwied, Germany.
July 2015 BIG ‘F’ UK Gugge Festival.
November 2017 Austria (Hohenems) for a Gugge festival.
July 2023 Back on the road to Barnsley.
November 2023 Bridgwater Carnival
November 2023 London for Lucerne Tourism
January 2024 Verona and Lake Garda, Italy