Watch Us

Now we realise of course that watching a clip of us could have one of two effects – you love us or hate us!! (hopefully you love us!).

There are many clips on YouTube posted by our members, fans and the general public all of varying quality!

So, here are a few of our favorites!

David Jones in Worcester

This one features David Jones in Worcester, one of our regular ‘superfans’ (well probably the only one!) conducting the band to ‘Quando Quando’ in 2018.

Wimborne Folk Festival

2017 Wimborne Folk Festival, one of our local highlights of the year.  

Stuttgart, Germany

A very memorable trip to Stuttgart, Germany, 2006.

The Big F

Performing in Bournemouth during ‘The Big F’ Guggenmusik festival, 2015, playing Queen’s Break Free.

A little medley way back!

A little medley way back in 2010! How young some of our current members look!!

One of our ‘quieter’ numbers!

One of our ‘quieter’ (and favorite) numbers! Highland Cathedral back in 2011 at Canford School, Wimborne.

Greendays’ “American Idiot’

Greendays’ “American Idiot’ at The Big F Guggenmusik festival in Bournemouth, 2015