Gugge 2000 in 2021!

Well, it’s been a very long and difficult year, but it looks like we may be nearing the end with freedom on the horizon.

We are pleased to say that Gugge 2000 has survived and behind the scenes we have been doing a few things to keep ourselves motivated!

During the first lockdown last year we managed to produce a brilliant Zoom performance which you can find the link for on the home page.
Like many people we kept in touch with each other through various social media platforms which enabled us to have many online ‘Friday Fun nights’ instead of a rehearsal where we managed to have a vast assortment of innovative competitions and quizzes.
I was trying to think how we could play ‘The Golden Shot’ via Zoom (for those of you that can remember it!!). We were planning on voting for the member with the apple on their head……seemed there were some health and safety concerns! I was keen to try my archer’s bow I received for Xmas!

Towards the end of last year, we managed to have some very small socially distanced  rehearsals which were welcomed by members desperate to play. Needless to say, the playing was also desperate after many months of not playing!!
Our ‘Mask Team’ have been working on ideas for our new ‘heads’ to complement our, yet to be worn, new uniforms to give us that truly authentic Swiss Guggenmusik look.

Our very own ‘bag lady’, Mary, has been working hard to re-purpose our old uniforms into some great limited-edition bags! Very environmentally friendly of course. They look great and will help raise some much-needed funds as we haven’t gig’d at all since March 2020!
You will find the link to our new Etsy shop on the ‘Buy Us’ page. When they are gone, they are gone so be quick. You won’t be disappointed.

This month some of our members have contributed to a Swiss band organised Zoom performance which is great! 60 players from five international bands played the Beatle’s ‘Help’ and Avril Lavigne’s ‘Things I’ll Never Say’. The latter is due for release any day now.

Check out the first one on YouTube and see if you can spot our members.

So, we hope to resume full rehearsals on the 25 th June! Fingers crossed……

Our first public gig will hopefully be Worcester’s Music Festival on Sat 14 th August. Watch our website for details of other appearances and hopefully some local busks.

You can be sure to see us as soon as we are permitted to return to public performing. It’s been a tough year for the entire performing arts world, and we have all missed it.

See you soon!
Steve (Band Leader)

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Some of our members have been getting creative during lockdown! In the true spirit of Swiss Gugge bands we are planning to design some headwear this year which is very traditional. Here is a little teaser!