November 2021
Gugge 2000 are back!!

Well after a very long break due to Covid-19 we have been able to return to playing!
It has been a tough 18 months, but we have all stayed together (not literally of course!!) and the passion for Guggenmusik has enabled us to return with even more enthusiasm! We have even gained some new members recently which is fantastic!
There has recently been a change of Tambour and we welcome Mike Dunnings, who is a returning Gugge 2000 veteran, (well he’s not actually that old!), and we bid farewell and thanks to Sophie.

Mike brings with him many years of banding experience and, very luckily for us, his trumpet playing wife Helen too!!

We are now working hard to launch some new pieces which are being written by our founding member and euphonium player, Dave Brewer.

Follow our progress on social media and hopefully come and see us to!

We look forward to entertaining you all with some new tunes and of course our new, very
different look!!

Steve Hudson
Gugge 2000, Band Leader


We haven’t forgotten our plans to design some masks in true Guggenmusik style. It has been a little tricky to do this via Zoom! Our ‘creative team’ (just made that impressive name up!) are now refocused on creating something special for next year so watch out!